The journey of Cargo Crankshaft Rebuilding started in 1994 as a small engineering workshop focusing on crank- and camshaft rebuilding. Now, over 20 years later, we have grown in leadership and we have educated our fellow employees by using the new engineering tools and methods available which has in turn enabled us to broaden our services.

Customer service and quality workmanship is the core of Cargo Crankshaft Rebuilding’s business. It is a vital part of our culture and integral ingredient to our success. We are committed to provide you with the level of care and attention as a valued customer.

Our Cemb ZE II balancing machine can give you a printout of initial & residual unbalance.

Big and small we straighten them all steel & cast-iron shafts.

We use ultra violet magnetic particle crack detection. (Crack Test Certificates issued on request)

Dynamometer tuning and computer diagnostics of all Mercedes-Benz truck applications.

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